Trying to find math inside everything else

Cop Out

Since it’s not even 10 and I’m falling asleep, despite all the work I need to do, even a simple blog post seems really hard right now. So I looked through photos I’ve taken on my phone, trying to find something I could just throw up as a blog post. I found this pic of an elevator in one of the museums in Luxembourg this past summer, which I appreciated for the numbering.


What was also nice was that going further down lead you further back in time, since the museum was arranged chronologically. This is way better than B1, B2, etc.

Comments on: "Cop Out" (3)

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing the picture. Negative numbers in real life!

  2. […] @jacehan, is usually getting his posts in at the last minute like me. Tonight he wrote a short Cop Out post because he’s feeling tired. That gave me the idea of doing my own cop out post today. I have […]

  3. Very cool indeed. Thanks for sharing, James.

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