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What’s a routine?

At #TMC14, I made the following tweet,

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 10.44.14 PMwhile I was in a session about warm-ups as review. I was reminded of what Jessica posted about her warm-ups, and how she does something different each day of the week.

I was thinking of doing something similar, but I also wanted to include things like Counting Circles. But…I’m having trouble with the disparity. Something like Counting Circles is very different from Estimation180 which is very different from a Throwback Thursday review problem. How can we get used to the norms of a counting circle if we only do it once a week?

I could just commit to one of these things, but I feel they are all important, so I didn’t know what to do. But now I had the thought…what if I did these routines but, instead of once a week, I did them for, saying, a marking period, then switched to another?

This could work because many of the routines match up with certain units – Counting Circles would be very helpful for linear functions, while Visual Patterns would be useful for functions in general (or perhaps for when we do quadratics). Does this sound like a good idea?