Trying to find math inside everything else


I’m James Cleveland-Tran, a high school math teacher in New York City and former Math for America master teacher.

My goal for this blog is to share what I do in regards to trying to create interdisciplinary problems, projects, and thinking, and to hopefully receive some great examples of those from others as well. I also have a focus on math games and how we can use them to teach math better.

I tweet @jclevelandtran.

Comments on: "About" (5)

  1. Congrats on starting a blog. Looks interesting, so keep it going!

  2. Oh!!! great. I am also developing ideas for math games/simulations which can make concept easier to understand.

  3. Rola said:

    Hi Sir Cleveland… Do have any questionnaire do mathematical habits of mind for researc purposes?

  4. Hello, James!
    Is there a way to contact you and talk about STEM related game backed by Games For Change?

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