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Morning Person

Out of curiosity, how much of the work you do outside class gets done in the morning, in the afternoon after school, in the evening, at night?

Today was the first time I left school fully prepared for the next day in weeks. I try to do things in the afternoon while I’m still at school but I’m just so beat, it doesn’t happen. I’ll usually get a little done at night, but I get the bulk of my work done in the morning. I’d rather wake up an hour early and be very productive than try to slog through something in the afternoon when I’m tired (and it’ll probably take twice as long because I can’t focus). And yeah, maybe there’s a little of that old procrastinator in me, but I think I just like the mornings. Heaven knows if I didn’t being a teacher would be even harder than it is.

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  1. Kathryn Freed said:

    I end up working after school for a while and even more the next morning. I hardly ever get anything done in the evenings because of other activities and then I’m too tired to do anything. I wish I could get myself on some sort of a 7-5 schedule, but I haven’t figured out how to work only those few hours.

  2. Did you write this post or did I? All of these words sound like something that would come out of my typing fingers.

  3. I never ever work in the morning. If I need to do work outside my day it happens in the 5-7pm range or the weekend.

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