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My Classroom

Since I wasn’t in there today, why not make a long overdue blog post about my classroom? It was finally in a presentable condition thanks to Parent Teacher conferences.

@mgolding and @mseiler said this summer when they were setting up their rooms that students know they are entering a math classroom, so why not let them know who you are. So I decided to embrace that.

 Enter my room via this door, with some of the several XKCD posters that I made earlier this year. I have 40 different posters hanging around the room.


There’s my desk in the corner. I have a lovely little alcove behind it, and a shoe organizer that I use to keep quizzes for different Learning Goals.

There’s the other side of the room. I’ve got two of the actual giant XKCD posters from the website (Money and Movie Timelines) as well as a Wind Waker poster I won from a Nintendo Store trivia content.


The yellow paper is the Wall of Masters, to list anyone who has achieved mastery on a particular learning goal, as opposed to merely proficient. (I also have this Adventure Time poster, which I adore.)

 My front white board, with my projector on the milk crate.

This is my favorite. My co-teacher Sarah came up with the idea of using my side whiteboard as a model version of the Interactive Notebook, showing exactly what the students should have, with the left-hand page and the right-hand page. (I also use a shoe organizer for the calculators.)


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  1. Brilliant visual of the interactive notebook! Kudos.

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