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Twitter Math Camp


I’m back from Twitter Math Camp, which was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve never made friends so easily, but I was so exhausted afterwards, because we pretty much spent 96 non-stop hours together (except for sleeping time). When people asked me if I had vacation plans this summer, I mentioned I was going to St. Louis for “a conference” and was told it didn’t count as vacation. But oh, it totally did.


I’m not sure whether I should blog about the conference or the after conference. I’m a terrible note-taker, so I’m sure others will better be able describe what went on, but highlights include spontaneously lesson-planning with Karim of Mathalicious, community-building and website ideas with Sam Shah, Megan‘s totally awesome Interactive Notebooks talk. But honestly some of the best sessions were the My Favorites… sessions, where people just went up for a few minutes and shared something awesome they did. And it was so much awesome. I also loved how, when something great was said, everyone in the room would say “Someone tweet that.”

As for after-conference events, Pi Pizzeria was actually quite good (and so I appreciate a Deep Dish Pizza as being something tasty, but not pizza). The brewery tour was nice, even though is was super-hot and I don’t like beer, but as before, the company was so good. Anyone going to St. Louis (or anywhere close) needs to visit the City Museum, an amazing experience, even if Max Ray did almost lose his wallet from up high. And I was convinced to go see Magic Mike by Julie and Sam, and seeing it with them and the other tweeps (like Marsha) made it hilarious. (Julie taught the whole audience a special dance!)


I think the thing that sums it up the most was our final activity:


I’ll post about my talk and what I shared later. Have a lot of chores to do now.


Comments on: "Twitter Math Camp" (8)

  1. @jamidanielle said:

    It was so great meeting you, James. What an amazing experience we all shared. I can’t wait to start using all the great ideas I got. Look me up if you’re ever near Pittsburgh.

  2. #twitterjealousycamp Next year.

  3. No need to write my own recap because yours says it so beautifully. Like you, I told friends I was going for “a conference”. Now, I have no idea how to get across to them exactly how awesome it was. The closest I can come is, “It’s like I met up with my dream team math department for vacation.”

  4. For the record, Shelli & the generous people of St Louis made sure my wallet was recovered with everything in it, including my zoo membership and the IOU from my local public transit for the time they let me ride after I lost my fare…

    When can I order the radicals game? It was really great to meet you and hang out IRL.

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