Trying to find math inside everything else

Not much posting recently, but hey, it’s summer. I’ve mostly done vacationing, now, and am really thinking about the new year.

I just finished reading through the first half of Merzbach’s and Boyer’s A History of Mathematics, up until the Renaissance. I took a list of topics associated with different cultures as I read through, as they may lead to some interesting lessons in the upcoming school year. I’m not really sure of the best way to integrate with the Global curriculum, but the 9th Grade Team is meeting tomorrow and I’m hoping I can talk with the history teacher about it. Obviously an ordering by mathematical sense won’t match a chronological historical ordering, or even a topical historical ordering, but I’m sure something will come out of it.

At least, I feel that, if one had to come first, it is better to have the historical context before the math, than vice versa. Here’s the list I made, though there’s not much to it.

Algebra Tiles Ancient China Counting Rods
Trigonometry Ancient India
Number Systems Ancient India
Lattice Multiplication Ancient India
Radicals Ancient India
Fractions Egypt Unit Fractions
Adding Like Terms Greece As opposed to the Babylonians
Geometric Algebra Greece
Ratios Greece Euxodus, in Plato’s Academy
Trigonometric Ratios Greece Ptolomy, using circles
Longitude and Latitude Greece
Completing the Square Islamic Empire
Number Systems Maya Bases
Systems of Equations Medieval China
Pascal’s Triangle Medieval China From the Jade Mirror
Number Systems Mesopotamia Bases
Context Clues Mesopotamia Place Value
Exponents Mesopotamia Place Value
Fibonnacci Middle Ages
Slope Middle Ages Sine and inclined planes
Proportions Pythagoreans Music
Radicals Pythagoreans The expulsion of Hippasus
Types of Numbers Pythagoreans Numerology

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